Eduard Miller

Eduard Miller - Violin MakerI grew up with a love for playing music. When I was young I received some classical training, but tended to fill my free time playing folk music. After finishing high school, I decided it would be beneficial to further my classical chops and went on to pursue music at the University of Northern Colorado. There, I had the opportunity to study violin with Richard Fuchs, and graduated in 2005. While in college, I developed a fascination with the historic and artistic side of the instrument itself. This led me to The Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eduard Miller, Violinmaker, at His BenchNot knowing what I was getting into, I jumped into violin making with both feet. The craft soon grew on me. I graduated the school in 2009 and was able to stay in Salt Lake City for two years and work with the violin maker Georg Meiwes. An opportunity to learn from Gregg Alf then brought me to Ann Arbor in early 2012. When not working on violins I love to spend time in the outdoors cycling, hiking – anything to be outside.

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