Eddy – My first months at Alf Studios

My first months at Alf Studios have turned out to be really eye-opening. Ole Bull Violin Top The two violins I’m building are quite different stylistically. The first is based on the Lady Harmsworth Stradivari of 1703.  Gregg has challenged me to emulate the cleanliness of Strad’s work, while trying to capture some of the stylistic aspects […]

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Repairing Sound Post Wear on a 1734 Guarneri del Gesu

Over the years even great instruments experience routine treatment that results in conditions that must be corrected through careful restoration. Such was the case with a 1734 Guarneri del Gesu that was brought to Gregg Alf. The belly of this instrument had suffered considerable wear from periodic sound post adjustments. The following images display the […]

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