Since 1975, Gregg Alf has focused his attention on the making of both original instruments and exact copies of classic Italian instruments. Over-arching these efforts has been Gregg’s desire to create instruments that harmonize with a player’s vision of how a violin, viola or cello should respond and sound. In addition to the work of master maker Gregg Alf, our studio represents the work of other makers who have worked here with Gregg. We also occasionally have some fine rare instruments available.
Alf Studios wants to help musicians find the right instrument, whether it is a professional looking for a concert quality instrument or a student preparing to move up to the next level.

Here are some samples of Gregg’s work. Please note that while we remain committed to always having trial instruments available that can be shipped to you on approval, allowing you to see and play them in the comfort of your home, all of the instruments seen here are past examples of Gregg’s work.

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